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AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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Responsibilities, Policies, and ProceduresThis major revision, dated 21 September o Requires historical data from reporting agencies within the Army Secretariat be submitted to the Center of Military History for the Annual Department of the Army Historical Summary not later than days after the end of the fiscal year being reported para a.

Army Materiel Command para a. Army Training and Doctrine Command para n. Army Reserve Command para o.

Responsibilities, Policies, and ProceduresHistory. This publication is a major the proponent agency or its direct report- The Department of the Army Committeerevision.

This regulation prescribes Activities may request a waiver to this mittee s outlined herein, in accordanceDepartment of the Army policy concern- regulation by providing justification that with ARCommittee Management. All mittee scoordinate draft publications,Applicability. States, and the U. The proponent has the au- trol provisions and identifies key manage- within this regulation later takes on thethority to approve exceptions or waivers ment controls that must be evaluated see characteristics of a committee, the propo-to this regulation that are consistent with appendix F.

The pro- for establishing and continuing the groupponent 8705 delegate this approval author- Supplementation. Supplementation of as a committee. Command Report Sample Formatpage 24D. Interview Report, page 27E. Command Report, page 25Figure C—1: Command Report—Continued, page 26Figure C—1: PurposeThis regulation outlines the general responsibilities, policies, and procedures for the preparation and use of militaryhistory in the Army.

ReferencesRequired and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Explanation of abbreviations and termsAbbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary. Each reporting office will submit electronicinformation papers and electronic copies of important documents summarizing key events, changes to organization,personnel, significant staff actions, a activities of that staff element to the Center of Military History, DAMH—HDS,not later than days after the end of the 8770-5 year.

The DAHSUM is a valuable aid for the Army in keeping thehistorical record at the Department of the Army level and comprises an important collection of facts, actions, andprecedents to help staff officers in their future duties.

Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army. The Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Armywill exercise general staff supervision over the Chief of Military History for all historical matters. Army Center of Military History, which is a field operatingagency under the Chief of Arr, with general staff supervision provided by at Administrative Assistant to theSecretary of the Army.

Army in peace and war, to include research and writing aboutcontemporary military operations. Review and evaluate the professional historical credentials and qualification of all candidates for seniorcommand historian positions at Army commands. The Chief Historian will— 1 Serve as the senior professional historian at the Center of Military History and the principal historical advisor tothe Chief of Military History. At service schools, verify theteaching of aar history as part of the programmed curriculum, including battle analyses, historical simulations, andstaff rides, technologically enhanced as appropriate, and are part of professional development programs.

Theseactivities are training, for which training funds should be used. Historical Projects Review Panel. The panel is chaired by the Chief Historian. Installation and community commanders. Military History Coordinating Committee. Army Combat Studies Institute. Army Command and General 8770-5 College.


Dean of Academic Affairs, U. Army Training and Doctrine Command. Theoffice executes two primary programmatic functions. As an Army Management Headquarters Activity, it performsoverall program management for the use of military history and public history in all TRADOC schools, commands, andfunctions, including establishing policy, providing guidance, and monitoring compliance with standards.

Through its mission the AHEC educates the Army and the public on thecentral role of the Army in the growth, development, and protection of the Nation and its way of life. Army War College USAWC education, research, publication, and strategic communicationmissions through its public programs, historical holdings, and preservation practices.

The AHEC staff, with theassistance of new technologies, makes its substantial bibliographic and reference resources available to public andprivate researchers and supports military history education throughout the Army.

The Director, Army Heritage Museum will exercise oversight for the curationof the dimensional materials in the AHEC collection; oversee the development and fabrication of exhibits andinterpretation of Army material culture for the Center; educate military and the public through visual and gallerypresentations. The Director, Collections Management Directorate will exerciseoversight for the acquisition and conservation of all material holdings of the AHEC; administer the Current OperationsCollection Project, which acquires dimensional and record material relating to ongoing operations in the field.

The Director, Visitor and Education Services Directoratewill administer public programs including the Perspectives in Military History lecture series, Brooks Kleber MemorialReading series, school education programs K, college and post graduate and interpretive history events. The Director, CSI will— a Conduct research on historical topics pertinent to doctrinal and operational concerns of the Army and publish theresults in a variety of formats.

Chapter 2Army Historical Program2—1. The mission of the AHP is to preserve, critically interpret, disseminate, and teachmilitary history; provide historical qr and stimulate historical mindedness within the Army and throughout thenation.

The use of military history includes— 1 Preserving the institutional memory of the Army. The vision, or goal, of the AHP is a fully integrated and properly resourced network of professionalswho are serving soldiers and supporting decision making Armywide by exploiting advanced technologies to providerelevant, timely historical products and services throughout the Army.

Army Strategic Historical Plan. 8705- Chief of Military History is responsible for providing the focus of militaryhistory activities Armywide.

The strategic plan 870–5 the general direction of the historical program within the Armyand provides the basis for the actions outlined in the Annual AHP Report. Army Historical Program Report. This program report encompasses the specific historical activities of the Centerof Military History and major Army commands and agencies. Visiting professors and scholarsTo stimulate research and writing in military history, both in the Army and the academic community at large, theCenter of Military History 8870-5 a series of programs for visiting professors and scholars within ad resources.

The Visiting 870-55 Program. The Chief of Military History may select a distinguished scholar to serve for 2years at the Center of Military History to study af mutually agreed upon topic. The Visiting Military Scholar Program. The Chief of Military History may appoint a distinguished militaryofficer for a 1-year period to research and write on a mutually agreed upon topic. The International Scholar Program. The Chief of Military History may designate a distinguished internationalscholar, military or civilian, for a 1-year appointment to the staff of the Center of Military History to perform researchand writing on a topic of mutual interest to the scholar and the center.

The Chief of Military History may 87-5 a civilian or military historianfrom the field commands for a professional development assignment to the Center of Military History for a 1-yearperiod or to the Department of History, U. Military Academy, for an academic year. Candidates will apply throughtheir commands and submit a proposal for a research and writing project in U.


Army history and their curriculumvitae by 1 January each year. The Center of Military History may award annually researchfellowships to Army Command civilian or military historians to cover expenses associated with research on projectsdealing with the history of the U.

These projects can be Command-sponsored, cooperative Army Command-Center of Military History efforts, or individual research projects.

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Proposals will be submitted to the Chief of MilitaryHistory by 1 July of each year and awarded by 1 October. Military Academy, the U. Army Heritage and Education Center individually administer visiting professorships in military historydesigned to enrich the teaching and study of military history at each institution.

More specifically, the goal of theprofessorship is to impart knowledge and perspective to each of the military institutions. The selected professors shouldpossess broad experience and expertise in the field of military history. Dissertation Year Fellowships a. Fellows are required to visit the center at the beginning and end of their fellowships.

The first visit is to provide orientation to CMH and its resources. During the second visit, fellows are required to reporton their work during the previous year.

AR 870-5 Military History Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Coast Guard at the time of the beginning of the fellowship start of the federal fiscal year. They must have completedall requirements for the Ph. The most competitive research projects will be those that bestadvance knowledge of the history of land warfare. Final selection will be made by a committee of Center historiansunder the direction of the Chief Historian and approved by 870–5 Director, Center of Military History. Army Center ofMilitary History, Attn: As evidence of their ability and of the promise of their research, applicants will submit: Applications must be postmarked no later than 15 January see CMH Web site 8770-5 a list ofrecent recipients.

Publication program description a. The Chief of Military History is the proponent for Army af doctrinal and training publications.

See AR25—30, para 1—18 b. The AHP includes two categories of publications: Army historical publications distributed Armywide andcommand historical publications which tend to have a narrower distribution.

These publications range from large,extensively documented volumes of history categorized by major series, to monographs, specialized studies, commem-orative publications, and collections of art, maps, or documents. Historical publications may be disseminated in printed and electronic formats.

References to distribution in thischapter relate specifically at stock items such as printed materials and CD—ROMs. All original projects scheduled to be published by the Center of Military History will be included in the AHPReport, which is published by the Center of Military History at the beginning of each fiscal year.

The size and design of all historical publications, whether published Armywide or within a command, willdirectly reflect the intended audience, use, and expected life.

Prior to publication, all manuscripts will be reviewed bythe proponent to ensure that they are objective, well organized, and well written. Manuscripts being prepared forArmywide distribution should conform to the editorial style of the Center 8870-5 Military History. Preparation and final approval a. Army historical products for Armywide distribution are usually prepared by the Center of Military History. AllCMH funded historical research, writing, and publication projects will be approved and managed through the HistoricalProjects 80-5 Process under the overall direction of the Chief of Military History.