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AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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AR 870-5 Military History Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Members and alternates for artist teams and portfolios will be selected by the Center of Military History fromapplications submitted by qualified military personnel ag civilian experts who are recommended and eligible forrelease to this special assignment. Date s of interview. Command Report Sample Formatpage 24D.

Appointments will befor a period of two years. Items must be reported atleast 90 days in advance of inactivation or discontinuance with a copy of the inactivating or discontinuing orderincluded.

The OLE collection of interviews is available to researchers via the Internet. The designation will appear inparentheses following the official designation, except on colors, flags, or guidons. This rule applies whether the subordinate organization is a color-bearing or guidon-bearing organization.

Send applications for approval of Unit Day, accompanied by the rationale for at selection, to the U. Commanders of color-bearing organizations will include information concerning their organic elements intheir organizational history files.

LineageThe line of descent of an MTOE unit from its origin, stated in terms of events that have changed its status.


Applications must be postmarked no later than 15 January see CMH Web site for a list ofrecent recipients. Do not include routinedocuments or 80-5 oral history transcripts. In overseas commands, maintain liaison with counterpart host nationgovernment and military officials. The executive agent for the End-of-Tour Interview Programis the Chief of Military History, who determines specific interview responsibilities and requirements for the program.

Army history offices conducting digitizationprojects will submit descriptions of their projects for inclusion to the U.

Research and writing will be conducted as follows: Command Report, page 25Figure C—1: ReferencesRequired and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Organizations except military history detachments—see paragraph b 4below conducting oral historyinterviews will ensure that interviews are sr commensurate with mission and classification requirements,maintain original tapes and transcripts and all types of associated media, and provide copies of transcripts to the Centerof Military History DAMH—HDS8700-5 35, Third Avenue, Fort McNair, DC —; the U.

On request of the commander of an MTOE organization authorized an organizational color, distinguishing flag, orguidon except organic elements of color-bearing organizations, unless authorized under paragraph e, belowtheCenter of Military History may authorize the organization to use aar special designation.

Chapter 2Army Historical Program2—1. Accountability will be maintained for historical research collections: Other end-of-tour interviewsHistorians and historical officers should be alert to conducting end-of-tour interviews for principal staff officers withinan organization, senior civilians, and major subordinate commanders and deputies in order to provide a broad historicalperspective of current events and operations.

The earned honors of these color-bearing elements will be indicated by asterisks on their Lineage andHonors Certificates. Specifically, the 80-5 history will include— a. Installation and community commanders.


Army Reserve organizations down through brigade level will complete an annual history whether in or outof Federal service. Establish and maintain historical research collections.

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Historical ArtifactsHistorically significant items that have been designated historical artifacts by the Chief of Military History, aninstallation commander, or the commander of a military organization.

Museum ActivityAn appropriated fund entity that does not meet the minimum requisite standards 870-55 a certified Army museum, but holdsa historical collection, has a full-time staff, and is open to the public at regular hours.

Army Heritage and Education Center individually administer visiting professorships in military historydesigned to enrich the teaching and study of military history at each institution.

HistorianAn individual, either military or civilian, who has received specialized academic training and occupies a militaryhistory position specified by a table of distribution and allowances TDAtable of organization and equipment TOE ,or modification table of organization and equipment MTOE.

The results of the review, to include anevaluation of any required further revisions, will be submitted in a memorandum by the Chief Historian to the Chief ofMilitary History, who has final publication approval authority. Unit historians will complete the course prior to deployment in order to be adequately trained.