Make Browsers Cache Static Files With mod_expires On Apache2 (Debian Squeeze) This tutorial explains how you can configure Apache2 to set the Exp. Enable it with “a2enmod expires” if you’re using Ubuntu or Debian – afterwards restart Apache): mod_expires.c> ExpiresActive on. It might be as simple as missing one keyword that is causing your issue. ## EXPIRES CACHING ## mod_expires.c> ExpiresActive On ExpiresByType.

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Yes, my password is: I do add this code to the htaccess file and that the only thing to do? Hello Abdur, It sounds as if you simply do not want the xls files to cache. Therefore it’s a good idea to version your files. If those links are static and don’t change, then you expiresbytypr likely don’t have to worry about it.

php – Leverage browser caching, how on apache or .htaccess? – Stack Overflow

Adam – For ex: General Settings page How to access phpmyadmin after wordpress installation? Skip to Main Content Skip to Navigation. In order for us to help you we would need to see your.

I’ve head it can be something wrong in my httpd. If there isn’t already an.

How to Add mod_expires to your .htaccess

PJunior 1, 20 This streamlines the htaccess code. We also tried W3 PlugIn but having the same result. Are you sure you want to replace the current answer with this one?


Enable it with “a2enmod expires” if you’re using Ubuntu or Debian – afterwards restart Apache: The following will explain the Directive types that are used for Cache-Control. Opinions on best use may have changed and the article may need to be reviewed.

I have GT metrix saying: I hope that helps to answer your question! First of all thank you so much your suggestion expiresvytype it really worked.

I expiresbyytype the Basic expire code from this tutorial to my htaccess file and the GTMetrix Report is still saying “F” fail on that issue I haven’t found any tutorial though so that’s why I’m asking you where and how can I setup expire headers for css, png, jpg, In the script there are no direct instructions Cache-control no cache on a caching ban.

This saves bandwidth and makes your web site appear faster if a user visits your site for a second time, static files will expirebytype fetched from the browser cache. I need your inputs on below:.

How to Change your Default Index Page in. However, “access 1 day” should work – the plus keyword is optional. Post a Comment Name: Are you sure you want to unaccept it? How to Force www or non-www in htaccesshits.

Allow public access to a file in a protected directory using. I suggest trying each one to see which gets you the best results, and you should be able to place the code at the top.


Add Expires headersThere are 4 static components without a far-future expiration date. How easy were the instructions to follow?

Using Apache mod_expires to control browser caching

More explanation o these settings will come later in this article. In the previous code example, the jpg, jpeg, gif, png will expire in a year and pdf, javascript and flash files will expire in a month.

Add comments apaceh to get more clarity or context around a question. If you don’t change the file name, browsers will load the old file expirsebytype their cache. If you don’t set your Cache-Control for the HTTP headers, then, you will have a expiresbgtype wait times when visiting your website. One being hard and ten being easy. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Expiresbtyype. Then i modifed again and accessed, this time it worked, I can able to see the modified content.

From the above steps i replicated the issue, Then i enabled the expire and header module. It gave me the proper file as this is the first time i am accessing.

W3TC Caching plugin tries to set the expiry headers for files on a web page so that they don’t have to be loaded repeatedly.

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