Materiały na Seminarium Instytutu Spawalnictwa, Gliwice, Ambroziak A, Koralewicz Z, Korzeniowski M, Kustroń P. Kontrola jakości. Jakpol Ambroziak, Pułtusk, Poland. 34 likes · 2 were here. Prodkujemy : mąkę żytnia typ – mąkę żytnia typ – mąkę żytnia typ “sitkowa”. anych, Przegląd Spawalnictwa, No. 5–7, , pp. 51– [8] Ambroziak A., Korzeniowski M., Kustron P.: Quality control of spot welds – the chal- lenge for.

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However, at the surface of bonding pure aluminium and carbon steel, the compounds of Fe 4 Al 13 and Fe 2 Al 5 [ 922 ] have been observed. The results, discussed in the previous chapter, showed that joining of pure aluminium and steel, by friction welding, was possible.

Optimal welding parameters were determined by visual abroziak criteria. The results of the investigations on the microhardness of such joints are shown in Figure Aluminium-Steel Joining with the welding methods of the pairs of materials, such as aluminium alloys-steel, still brings many problems.

For this reason, the friction welded AlMg3 aluminium alloy-X10CrNiTi austenitic steel joint can successfully replace the joints formed with diffusion welding.

Biuletyn Instytutu Spawalnictwa 5/ | Institute of Welding Bulletin

Due to the fact that in the fusion zone between the two different materials the intermetallic compounds are formed spawalnicfwo the joining process of dissimilar materials is often very difficult. The surfaces of the samples for friction welding have been prepared with turning and washed in ethyl alcohol, directly before welding. The alloying additions, which are present in aluminium alloys especially magnesiumusually aggravate the metallurgical conditions of aluminium bonding [ 19 ].

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In this article the comprehensive summary concerning technology of resistance spot welding of aluminium alloys was presented. Aluminum Welding Occupations Robot welding. For this purpose different process parameters have been used: Despite the short time of the welding process and the high pressure during the upsetting spawalnitwo no.

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Advances in Materials Science and Engineering

Braze-welding ; Intermetallic compound phase ; high power diode laser ; brazing. However, they have resulted in significant length reduction of the welded elements The microstructure of the 42CrMo4 steel-AN40 alloy joint with the nickel interlayer a and a fragment of an enlarged microstructure of the nickel-AN40 alloy bounding zone b.

If the period to the highest shearing force value was analysed, then the shearing work was, respectively, for the welding parameters J; J; and J Figure spawalnictdo The main component of intermetallic phases, which were created at the border of the steel-aluminium joint, is an Al 3 Fe [ 7 ].

Moreover if the steel has a tendency to create the quenching structures it is possible to remove the zone with high hardness in steel with the use of heat treatment. Citations Publications citing this paper.

The mechanical properties using, for example, i microhardness measurements, ii tensile tests, iii bending tests, and iv shearing tests were dpawalnictwo. Figure 9 presents the microstructure of the bonding zone of the friction welded AlMg3 aluminium alloy-X10CrNiTi spaawlnictwo steel joint, together with a microhardness measurement. The chemical compound of the tested materials according to [ 14 ]. But the alloying additions, which are present in aluminium alloys especially magnesiumusually aggravate the metallurgic conditions of aluminium bonding.

The aluminium alloys with magnesium, especially the AlMg3 alloy, are commonly used in industries, where the higher strength properties comparing to aluminium are necessary. In the Al-Fe equilibrium system, there is no solubility in a solid phase. In the elaboration [ 21 ] it was stated that the Fe 2 Al 5 phase leached while bonding the A aluminium alloy with AISI stainless steel, during the friction welding process, at the contact surface. However, in the technological bending tests, bending angles within few degrees have been achieved, with a small dependence on the diameter of the bending mandrel.


Biuletyn Instytutu Spawalnictwa 5/2016

However, their values have been lower, probably due to the lower pressure used during the upsetting phase Table 1. The structural effects occurring during the welding process were described. The ductility may be evaluated using spaawalnictwo technological bending test. Automotive Occupations electrode Metal Ceramic Alloys. The results of the butt welding of X5CrNi austenitic steel and Al aluminium alloy were presented in [ 35 ].

The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. Electrode pitting in resistance spot welding of aluminium alloy The top surface of the steel samples has been formed with accurate sample no.

Friction Welding of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys with Steel

Elliott and Wallach [ 16 ] and authors of the elaboration [ 717 ] have come to similar conclusions. To receive news and publication updates for Advances ambroziai Materials Science and Engineering, enter your email address in the box below. The friction welded 42CrMo4 steel-AN40 alloy joints, microstructure after the tensile test aand a microhardness pattern b according to [ 14 ].

So, for joints that have been friction welded with low friction time, there was a continuous narrow diffusion zone with a diameter of few micrometers Figure 13 a and the joints formed at longer friction time were characterized by local thickening of the diffusion layer and discontinuities on the aluminium side Figures 13 b and 13 c.