; Topics: Advantest to Exhibit Wide Range of Semiconductor Test Solutions Enabling 5G Connectivity at SEMICON Japan on December. This is a Takeda TR (also known as Advantest R) programmable DC source, a great find at less than EUR 50, of course, in non. A quick look at Dave’s Advantest R Voltage and Current Source. Can it be used as a current reference for the uCurrent? A look at the.

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The item arrived in good shape, but unfortunately, as advanhest — non working, display comes up but no reaction to any key press. This is almost a cal standard type of source, 0. Looking inside, there is a logic board on the top side, and a shielded box with the analog circuits at the bottom.

Seems the CPU is waiting for something — it is not executing any commands, when I look at the data bus with a scope probe. What could it be?


EEVblog #576 – Advantest R6142 Current Voltage Generator

The keyboard is a matrix design. Turns out, one key is stuck! It could be just dirt or age that gives low resistance.

Unfortunately, these switches are difficult to disassemble, so I soaked the switch in some isopropanol. A quick look at the analog assembly to check for dirt or other signs of aging — no dirt found.

All is built with really high precision metal encapsulated resistors, teflon standoffs, and DC filtering.

The main reference is a LM, 0. A quick test — with a simple instrument — it is working just fine also tested the current mode. A quick look advanrest the schematic — not good! As it turns out, the schematic is either incorrect or outdated, the coils on the transformer are VAC, and VAC. A calculation shows the ranges — it will definitely be better to configure it for Volts, rather than Volts, to avoid a dangerous over-voltage condition. advqntest


But what are calculations, if you can do measurements with the unit loaded. So, once back in Germany, we will just change the solder bridges in the voltage selector, and all will be ready for VAC mains. Your email address will not be published.

Advantest R – General Generators

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