For its hefty $ price tag, Aces & Eights is a solid deal. The book is very Unlike many other RPGs, Aces & Eights has no class system. A website celebrating Kenzer & Company’s Magnificent Wild West Roleplaying Game – Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier!. (note: this is a review of the original Aces & Eights RPG, not the new edition) Aces & Eights is a spectacular game. I have to admit I had serious.

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Aces PC Creator v2. Anyways, the problem in eighrs section isn’t that the alt-history is implausible. Some of these are rather better than others. We plan to make this domestically, obviating delays from overseas.

Archived from the original on 28 May It is based on historical data and is easy to use. Just be sure to keep plenty of tissue nearby when your book arrives; the drool-factor on this product is through the roof!

They accomplish this nicely with the “shattered an, a history where the civil war began wces earlier, and ended in a stalemate; and now the west is split among five influential powers: Another excellent tool from Kevin J.

Use of the included graphics in the combat system eliminates both the abstraction and complexity of other RPGs — a player can actually see the cover, position and location of his or her target. Apr 13, – May 24, 40 days. And yet, its very annd its own system. The Republic of Texas never had a chance to join the Union and remains neutral in the war. Its full of public-domain drawings, paintings and photographs of the wild west, many of them from that era or slightly after.


At each stop you can further develop skills and abilities used while following those professions. Estimated delivery Sep The Civil War lasted for ten years and both sides ground to a halt as eigths and manpower started to run low for all concerned.

At first, before this sank in, I was wondering why it seemed like characters with lower attributes would end up with higher skill percentages.

Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier

MW Catlg 13, There are way more flaws than “talents” featsand the flaws are all very cool and lend instant uniqueness to your character.

After all, that’s what most everyone is going to want to do in a wild west game, a shootout.

It doesn’t have classes, or levels, or experience points as such. Character creation, for one. If we’re going to run into problems after funding, we know they will be from delays. To my delight, though, there are even hex maps in this book of the “devil’s cauldron” region which is the default area setting of the game! Created by Colin Chapman. Newer Post Older Post Home. The game also contains a number of sub-systems, practically mini-games in and of themselves, for dealing with things like bar brawls, prospecting, cattle driving, gambling, and trials.

A good, old fashioned, set of random tables to determine how much cash a given person is carrying.

We have dozens of stretch goals and add-ons ready and waiting for backers if we can hit our goal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Killbeggar’s Aces & Eights RPG Fanpage

Chicago, IL Tabletop Games. US retail operations only. This table includes some changes Kevin made in his personal game. After this, you get some rules on all kinds of elements of living in the setting; the second on diseases is instructive, for one. To further prove this game was specifically made for me, there’s a Tobacconist profession path.


Further, you and your gaming group up to 6 adults total are invited to stay at the KenzerCo gaming house in Indianapolis Indiana during GenCon Obviously, the game is over-produced.

Its the kind of game that even if you never thought you’d run a western game, should you see this book you might change your mind. Since this is our first Kickstarter, we’re going to put every effort into being on time.

It will run approximately 48 pages. Posted by RPGPundit at Google Map of the Cauldron.

Shattered Frontier has sold through multiple print runs and garnered gpg coveted, Origins Award for Best Role-playing Game of the Year. Yes, its alt-history, but its not nearly as annoying as others I’ve seen, because the authors have gone out of their way to make it plausible. It is based off your Skill Learning modifier.

A collection of Western weapons with manufacturing dates and vital statistics. The original maps of Black Horse by master cartographer Craig Zipse. Created by Kevin Ennis.