Background. In – hardly 2 years from Indian Independence – a monthly magazine was born that would thrive for the next 7 decades – to disseminate the . abhisarika novel Abhisarika – Sex, Family and Relationships magazine February Abhisarika Telugu sexual health magazine Jun Posts about Abhisarika written by teluguebooks. Abhisarika Magazine April archive · Read Here or. Download Links: 1) Ziddu 2) RapidShare. Standard.

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In a verse written on the reverse of a miniature in the collection of the Dogra Art Gallery in Jammu, Krishna says to her:. The night is dark. Annals of Human Biology, In public life, Dr.

This work is in the public domain in India because its term of copyright has expired. Rupika Chawla is a Delhi-based art conservator. One foot is raised backwards and the head and torso bend towards the foot that is lifted. Leave A Response Click here to cancel reply. Genetics of Palmar Total Interdigital ridge coounts. Any other kind of work enters the public domain 60 years after the author’s death. They took sex-help and sex information to the door step of the common man.

Alapati was probably the first in Andhra Pradesh to start a magazine to impart scientific knowledge about the unspoken life in the bedroom. Much has been written on the metaphor of barren earth becoming rich and fertile because of rain.


The Indian Quarterly – A Literary & Cultural Magazine – Season of Desire

The couple worked overtime to write for the magazine, answer queries over phone and counsel in person — almost always free abhiswrika fee. Posthumous works other than those above enter the public domain after 60 years from publication date. Genetic and environmental determinates of height and weight in families from Andhra Pradesh, India, Hum. Secrets On the Stands. S ummer in India is the time when all living beings run for cover, as blasts of hot air greedily suck the essence of our beings, desiccating, devastating us completely.

Rerani and Abhisarika have both stayed away from lewd and obscene writings and remained confined to scientific aspects of sex, based on the information available to the editors of that magqzine.

Soon the pungent, sweet smell of moist earth permeates the senses, as does the pitter-patter of the first monsoon drops and the pleasant embrace of a breeze that had almost faded from memory. All shades combined with black are therefore variations of shyam.

Season of Desire

In her eagerness for sexual gratification she might even mistake another man for him! Subscribe to RSS Feed. Ramsha was a truly versatile personality — a poet, writer, playwright and literary critic, well versed with English, Sanskrit and Telugu literature, and an eloquent speaker and an imposing personality.

While Rerani was discontinued after a few years, Abhisarika which was published by Dhanikonda till Having run out barefoot to reach the man she loves, being pricked is not a grave matter at all.


The blackish-grey clouds hanging heavy with rain make her think of Shyam, as do the deep blue magaziine emerald body of the dancing peacock, lotuses in the inky pond and even her own purple choli! From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

Incidentally this fabulous image from the Mittal collection inspired the poem: Causes and How to overcome it. Change of guard in helped Abhisarika thrive and march into the 21st century. Resolution of genetic and uterine environmental effects in a family study of new dermatoglyphic measure: In — hardly 2 years from Indian Independence — a monthly magazine was born that would thrive for the next 7 decades — to disseminate the science of sex to masses.

Poosha Darbha has received the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International’s highest award – the Golden Lamp award in for his contribution to the advancement of sexology in India.

Season of Desire Rupika Chawla 1. The passion that pulsates in her blood is so powerful that nothing daunts her—least of all the reptiles. Ramsha Darbha, who wrote free-lance to Abhisarika earlier, took over the reins of Abhisarika and with the able assistance of wife Siriesha, continued the mission started by their predecessor.

Public domain and Wikipedia: Priya Sarukkai Chabria September 1, at