Neu. Electromagnetic Flowmeter. FSM Commissioning Instruction – EN. DBU Rev. C. Manufacturer: ABB Automation Products GmbH . FSM AnalyzeIT. ControlIT. EngineerIT. FieldIT. InformIT. OperateIT. PowerIT these systems. ABB has now developed a universal flowmeter with. 2. FSM THe eLecTroMAGneTIc FLowMeTer oF cHoIce. — electromagnetic flow measurement with the FSM made in ABB. The FSM at a glance.

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The substatus is displayed after the status, if applicable. Hart Electrical connection Pos: I need more information ABB Sales. Page 84 Copies the current data record in the Fingerprint “as to Product 1 Product1”. Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart. The electromagnetic flowmeter of choice For critical applications in a wide range of industries. Sbb this page General impression. Page 34 SE clamp. Page 78 Switch Contacts – Contact Output.

12″ ABB Electromagnetic Flowmeter Se41f Aluminum Housing Fsm4000-se41f

Display adjustment value for transmitter for the current Adjust Iout 4 mA output at 4. When the housing cover is open, EMC ffsm4000 protection against contact are suspended. Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart. For repairs to the lining, electrodes or magnet coil, the flowmeter must be returned to the local office of ABB. Please select country from the list below. Page Supports for meter sizes larger than DN Installing The High Temperature Design 5. Every point in the dot matrix is activated Display one after another.


Alert Coil Volt Lower range limit for alarm Min.

Important The symbol indicates operator tips or especially useful information. The design of the flowmeter offers a wide range of industry specific liners, electrodes and sizes to meet the needs. Page 60 When entering data, the values are checked for plausibility and, if necessary, rejected with an appropriate message. Go to myABB Logout. Startup Operation Startup Operation Pos: Page 6 Contents This function can only be used after adjustment of the electrode zero.

Contact information What would you like to do? Page 83 Defines alarm behavior in case of a short circuit or a wire Submenu break in the electrode circuit. Go to myABB Logout. If the flow indicator shows the incorrect direction after successful startup of the meter, e. The powerful transmitter is easy to use and provides a most stable signal output.

ABB’s website uses cookies. Page 73 Parameterization Pos: Contains all menu items needed to operate the device. Flow measurement made easy A solution for every application. City, Date Signature and company stamp Pos: Version matrix Software and documentation: The transmitters have the end numbers Y1, Y2, etc.

FSM is a robust flowmeter for heavy duty applications. Close switch S 3. Your cart Learn more about shopping on ABB. Page 20 Transport G Fig. These can be selected and accessed in the Submenus Display or Status. If it is not possible to dispose of old equipment properly, ABB Service can accept and dispose of returns for a fee.


Read and follow the instructions in this manual. Finally, activate Programming Protection via “Prog. Review all flowmeter sensor data and setup data for the system, and enter this information again, if necessary.


ABB offers software tools that use the listed drivers above for your device configuration and fsj4000 requirements. ABB offers a wide range of fieldbus products, accessories, tools, support documentation, applications and news.

Operating S4 with an older sensor Pos: ABB offers software tools that use the listed drivers above for your device configuration and monitoring requirements. Page 30 – Ground Page 31 – Metal pipe with loose flanges Page 32 – Flowmeter sensor in stainless steel desi The EB can be ab without affecting the flowrate measurement, i.

Pressure equipment does not receive a CE mark on the factory tag, if the following conditions exist: Page If parameters are subsequently changed, these are stored automatically in the external FRAM.

For additional information, see “Submenu Adjustment” on page Replacing The Transmitter Pos: Page Operating Mode submenu of the transmitter.