Abakada was devised during the American colonial era by Lope K. Santos, a linguist and one of the brainchilds of the national. Get this from a library! Abakada, unang hakbang sa pagbasa. [S R Enriquez]. ABAKADA has 10 ratings and 2 reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about ABAKADA.

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Seems more of a personal blog. You make me feel that we are in our classroom once again. Gook on the side, listening to a very good reporter, talking to professors with a beautiful smile. And again, me on the side, with a dropped jaw and with a clap clap clap! Ive just opened google today after i rememberd henny penny poem when i was a grade one student.

It makes me feel so happy when i found henny penny here and more when learning about your story. I cannot live without books. It was just abaoada that I found out it was once quoted by Thomas Jefferson. This quote sounded exaggerated even geekybut seriously, it is an honest abakadx of my passion.

ABAKADA by Lyndon Gregorio

I love to read. Zbakada of the time. I read anything and everything under the sun — from classics to contemporary, from novels to magazines, encyclopedias, dictionaries and thesauri yes, I read the entries, not just use them… something wrong? Why do I abakaea books? As a teacher, I love reading because I want to be entertained and educate myself at the same time the expected reply, safe and academic.


But as Meenataur, I read books because I always find comfort in reading.

After a day of work where I sometimes have to squeeze out every trickle of thinking neuron from my brainI read to find peace and solace, to get a grip on myself, to stop and pause and just have sometime aba,ada. Books serve as anti-depressants and sedatives that calm me down. It even energizes me and makes me see points of views from different angles the way an author describes the characters and abwkada feelings in the omniscient pov which aids me in my decision-making moments at work.

I was about four then. My aunt used to read lots of books and magazines and I was so fascinated watching her lips move boik reading I thought she was praying. I also grew up seeing my father read the newspaper every day.

I would look at the pictures and mumble, whispering nonsense sounds, pretending to read. And so my journey began. The first book I owned was the yellow Abakada book a phonics booklet where I first learned the sounds of the Filipino consonants and vowels ba-ka, ku-bo, gi-ta-ra, pa-yong.

Henny Penny is a red hen.


When I was eight, a neighbor gave me a very old, coverless, dirty and battered book of stories in Tagalog. I felt that I was in a boo, world. I cannot put down the book, too mesmerized at the descriptions, too excited to find out the ending. It took me the whole afternoon to finish it, pretending I was asleep whenever my mother checked on abzkada for our afternoon nap. And so, I became an English teacher where I have to read a lot and read to the kidsthen an editor reading English grammar and literature textbooks to correct errorsand then a hopeful author working on a textbook that teaches children how to read.


As of now, I have read more than a hundred novels and thousands of stories and countless poetry and still counting. I love Jose Garcia Villa, F. Sadly, one lifetime is not enough for me to read all the good books out there.

I will be gone one day, but Henny Penny will never cease to exist, along with the immortal yellow book Ang Abakada. Read any story you like. Identify the protagonists and antagonists, the setting, and the plot.

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Beauty and the Beast courtesy of cghm.