of school expansion, presses for an enactment to authorise the levy of a compulsory it (as it stood before 86th Amendment to the Constitution) which stated that Consequential amendments to the Directive Principles of. affected by enactment of the Compulsory Education Act in in England. A number April , pursuant to the 86th Amendment to the Constitution .. ( RTE) Act, , which represents the consequential legislation envisaged under. of Education through the enactment of the Government of. India Act The main . The, 86th Amendment to the Constitution, the Right to. Education Act

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The Constitution 24th Amendment Act, It affirms the power of the Parliament to amend any part of the Constitution including Fundamental Rights. The Constitution 31st Amendment Hte, Increases the elective strength of the Lok Sabha from to Consequentiall the Act, the upper limit of representatives of the States goes up from to and that of the Union Territories decreases from 25 to The Constitution 36th Amendment Act, The Bill, before being given the Presidential assent, was rectified by the Legislative Assemblies of 13 States.

Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009

Under the Constitution, the amendment is required to be rectified by the Legislatures of not less than half of the States. The Constitution 37th Amendment Act, Was passed by the parliament on April 26, to provide for a Legislative Assembly and 1 Council thd Ministers to Arunachal Pradesh, the country’s north-eastern most nation Territory. It received esidential assent on August 1, The Act makes the declaration of emergency non-judiciable.

Constitution 39th Amendment Act, The Bill was passed on August 7 and received Presidential assent on August The Act places beyond challenge in courts the election to Parliament of a person holding the office of Prime Minister or Speaker and the election of President and Vice-President.

The Constitution 40th Amendment Act, This Amendment has three-fold objectives: It places beyond challenge in courts some major Central laws; 2. It gives similar protection to several State enactments, mostly relating to land legislation, by including them in the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution and 3.

It provides that the limits of the territorial waters and the maritime zones of India shall be specified from time to time by laws made by Parliament. It was enacted during the period of internal emergency by the lady dictator….

English Releases

It was passed by Parliament on November 11, and received Presidential assent on December 18, The Act also clearly laid down that no Constitutional Amendment could be questioned in any court of law. The Constitution 43rd Amendment Act, It received the Presidential assent on April 13, This Act repealed some of the provisions of the Constitution 42nd Amendment Act passed during the Emergency. This Act, which was rectified by more cpnstitution half of the States, also restored legislative powers to the States to make appropriate provision for anti-national activities consistent with the Fundamental Rights.


Under the Act, consritution judiciary was also restored to its rightful place. The Supreme Court was given the power to invalidate Condtitution laws, a power taken away by the 42nd Amendment Act. The High Courts could also look into the question of constitutional validity of Central laws thereby enabling persons living in distant places to obtain Speedy Justice without having to come to the Supreme Court. The Constitution 45th Amendment Act, Passed by the Parliament in January seeks to extend reservation 8t6h seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and the representation of the Anglo- Indians in the Lok Sabha and the State Assemblies for 10 years, i.

The Constitution 46th Amendment Act, Passed in Julyenables the State Governments to plug loopholes and realize sales tax dues and also to bring about some uniformity in iax rates in case of certain items. The Constitution 49th Amendment Act, The Amendment of has enabled the provisions of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution to be made applicable to the tribal areas of the State of Tripura. This amendment is intended to give wnactments constitutional security to the autonomous District Council functioning in the State.

The Constitution 52nd Amendment Act, The act consequenttial made defection to another party, after elections illegal. Any member defecting to another party after elections will be disqualified from being member of Parliament or State Legislature.

The Constitution 53rd Amendment Act, It confers Statehood on Mizoram enatments ensures against unnecessary interference by the Central Government by the laws relative to spheres of social relationship and community conduct enxctments to Mizoram.

The Constitution 54th Amendment Act, Judges of Supreme Court Rs. The Constitution 56th Amendment Act, Goa thus became the 25th State of the Indian Republic. Consequebtial Constitution 57th Amendment Act, It made a special provision for the setting up of the new State of Goa.

Consequently Daman and Diu were separated from the former to form a Union Territory.

The Constituiion 58th Amendment Act, It provides for special arrangements with regard to reservation of seats for Scheduled Tribes in the State of Arunachal Enavtments, Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya. By amfndment Article the adjustment of seats has been frozen until A. The Constitution 59th Amendment Act, It empowered the Central Government to impose Emergency in Punjab when deemed necessary.

Under the amendment, President’s rule can be extended upto three years. Earlier maximum period was two years. The Constitution 61st Amendment Act, It lowered the voting age from 21 to It provided for the extension by another 10 years of reservation of seats in the Parliament and State Assemblies for the Scheduled Castes and Tribes and reservation for Anglo Indian Community by nomination.

The Constitution 63rd Amendment Act, It repealed Amendment 59 which empowered the government to impose emergency in Punjab.

The Constitution 64th Amendment Act, It extended the President’s rule in Punjab by six months. The Constitution 66th Amendment Act, To bring land reforms within the purview of 9th Schedule of the Constitution.


The Constitution 68th Amendment Act, It extended the President’s rule in Punjab upto a total period of 5 years. The Constitution 69th Amendment Act, Delhi made National Capital Region. The Act also made provision for Legislative assembly and a council of ministers for Delhi. The Constitution 70th Amendment Act, Before this act was made Article 54 relating to the election of anc President provided for an electoral college consisting only of the elected members of Parliament as well as the legislative assemblies of the States not of Union Territories.

Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, – Wikipedia

The amendment provide for inclusion of members of legislature of Pondicherry and Delhi. The Constitution 71st Amendment Act, The Constitution 72nd Amendment Act, Article amended to determine the number of reserved seats for STs in the State Assembly of Tripura, until readjustment of seats made on the basis of census The Constitution 73rd Amendment Act, The Constitution 74th Amendment Act, The Constitution 75th Amendment Act, Article Part XIV-A amended to give timely relief to the rent litigants by setting-up State-level Rent Tribunals to reduce the tiers of appeals, and to exclude jurisdiction of all courts except Conseqiential Court under Act The Constitution 76th Amendment Act, This Act aims at the reservation of seats in educational institutions and reservation of appointments or posts in public services for Backward Classes, SCs amenddment STs.

The Supreme Court, on 16th Nov. The Constitution 77th Amendment Act, Nagraj v Union of India upheld the constitutional validity of the amendment.

Article of the Constitution states that the claims of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes have to be balanced with maintaining efficiency in administration.

The Bill states that provision of the amendment shall override the provision of Article The Constitution 78th Amendment Act, The amendments to Acts placed in the 9th Schedule are immunized from legal challenge, through a number of amending Acts along with a few principal Acts so that its implementation becomes smooth. The Constitution 79th Amendment Act, Major amendments of this decade. The Constitution 80th Amendment Act, Related to carrying forward backlog vacancies of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

The Constitution 82nd Amendment Act, Related to relaxation in qualifying marks and reservation of posts in super specialty courses in Medical and Engineering disciplines, etc. The Constitution 83rd Amendment Act, Related to the reservation of seats under Panchayati Raj in Arunachal Pradesh. The Constitution 84th Amendment Act, The Constitution 85th Amendment Act, Amended Article 16 4A to provide for consequential seniority in promotion by virtue of rule of reservation for the Government servants belonging to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.