2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Boca Semiconductor Corporation, GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSISTOR (PNP. 2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. 2N from Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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Do make sure that the Ft is taken at the right Ic for each transistor, because it increases with bias.

2N Datasheet(PDF) – Microsemi Corporation

I know this kind of thing happens. Some companies are better about announcing semiconductor process changes than others but I think the tenancy over time has been to hide more of this information. Even with the same manufacturer, a part may be moved to a new process changing its datqsheet characteristics significantly.

On Thu, 31 Oct National used 2n32251 publish which processes each transistor was built on and the associated process curves. That would have been important in test equipment with a high parts count.

Login to the website is required. What are the odds that Fairchild is still using anything approximating Datqsheet Process 12? Cibo must be low for seamless switching, and Cobo must be low because it is the primary load of the driving stage at max bandwidth. Maybe they were built on the same process or the BC was built as a replacement for the 2N on a different process?

Differences between transistors on the same process were just geometry and National included drawings showing that as well. Click to view availability.

I did not find anything about the BC being a 2N in a different case. The image for is currently unavailable. On Sat, 2 Nov Do you have a reference for this?

  GMK 3055 PDF

2N3251 Datasheet PDF

I doubt Tektronix was pushing the edge so much as just running their own quality control program on incoming parts. For full functionality of this site it datashset necessary to enable JavaScript. Burst popcorn noise is impossible to test for inexpensively but is a solved problem now. Your email is included with the abuse report. The new topic will begin with this message. I do audio stuff myself and some popular DIY circuits are a bit more sensitive to transistor specs than a working engineer would have patience for.

This could just be a case of out-of-date documentation. On 31 Oct At any rate, do compare datasheets between manufacturers. In cases like this, if both transistors aren’t very fast, you will end up with sticking as each transistor turns on or off, and anomalous crossover behavior associated with base current surges which may make it even worse by saturating the preceding stages.

Some specifications like leakage and noise are difficult to test quickly so their guarantied minimum or maximum values reflect testing limitations. I’m guessing that at switching speeds, the load capacitance adtasheet enough that it was necessary to have indefinite current output from this buffer. I’ve heard OnSemi sometimes turns out parts at half-spec and that most of the botched parts come from factories in problem countries too bad I can’t remember which.

Very few people are willing to carry out conclusive tests, and few of these are willing to post anything online. Often the only difference between premium parts and others is testing time and grading. First time users please use 2n321 quick and easy one time website registration. I did this for the 2N and found them to be identical between and satasheet I would assume Fairchild is either still using process 23 or they never updated the documentation.


When I worked at Tek Wilsonville in the 80’s, in a back corner by the copier there was a big machine loaded with thousands of “window cards”, the size of IBM punch cards with a “window” of microfiche. Parts made in different factories can very well be different. Alternate Devices with Different Packaging:.

Please refer to the Device Datasheet for an image of the part case and material composition information.

2N Datasheet pdf – GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSISTOR (PNP SILICON) – Boca Semiconductor Corporation

That is exactly the kind of thing National Semiconductor would have said which makes sense because the current incarnation of Fairchild got its start from National Semiconductor’s discrete, logic, and memory chips in or I should have paid closer attention. So it would make sense the 2N wouldn’t need selected unless there was past experience with inferior parts.

The parts list in the service manual says “Selected from 2N”. The data I have on the calls it a “bulk” 23n251. A common 2N would be a very close match. The Fairchild and OnSemi specifications are otherwise identical.

(PDF) 2N3251 Datasheet download

I’m very hesitant to use this part number in any design for that reason, as it’s likely builders will just use whatever is available at the datassheet cost. That might be very helpful information! In order to better serve you, please access the online inquiry system. Could you point me to where these details on processes are published?