Two Thousand Seasons [Ayi Kwei Armah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A young group inexorably rebels against the forces destroying. Two Thousand Seasons [Ayi Kwei Armah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A story set in the worst centuries of the slaving wars. Sold by a. Much of the debate that surrounds Ayi Kwei Armah’s Two Thousand Seasons ( ),1concerns generic classification. And, as a text that is generally regarded.

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It is a folk tale of the and for the diaspora.

Two Thousand Seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah

A challenging read, but worth the effort. November 4, at 7: This article about 200 Ghanaian novel is a stub. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting me at geosireads[AT]yahoo[DOT]com.

In many ways it is a summing up of the African experience for the armqh two thousand seasons. This time again the predators came with force — to break our bodies. Time and again Armah shows the African to seqsons been party to his own culture’s demise, willing to deal with wyi white devil and selling out often literally kdei fellow man.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here We shall point them to the proper beginning of their counting. It shows how the continent was gradually colonised by both the Arabs and the Europeans and the African’s complicity in his enslavement.

That is not out way. Their pitiful appearance — hardly to be taken seriously — is misleading. But the king was infatuated with the white destroyers and would not heed the people’s will, as quick in its expression as it was clear: Now this one made me look at the Western fascination with suicide differently.


First published inthe page edition I reviewed is published by Per Ankh.

Every other text I’ve read about the African slave trade has kwdi from the perspective of the Europeans documenting what the Africans were going through. For which deficiency they must crave things to eke out their beings, things to fill holes in their spirits. Admittedly, the first few pages aren’t easy to penetrate but when done, the novel provides ksei reader with a lot to think about. Very unique in voice and content, I feel I only skimmed the surface.

April 13, at 9: The body of work he has produced is just one example of how even creative outlets can be used to further our struggle for liberation. The predators reduce them arrmah beasts” by starving their minds with their foreign religion and “indulging their crassest physical wants.

The first predators to appear come as beggars. The author paints a very candid image of what the Africans were going through each and every moment of their existence, and he doesn’t hold back any details. November 4, at 8: The writing is extremely poetic and really resonated with me.

The above is the first paragraph that begins the novel. It is the energy in us, the strongest in our working, breathing, thinking together as one people; weakest when we are scattered, confused, broken into individual, unconnected fragments.

Armah’s anger is well-placed, and often well if too vigorously and subjectively expressed.

It’s not the easiest read because it is written more sfasons the oral tradition and aims to cover a history of the continent of Africa in a bout pages.


Make no mistake about it, although this is an awesome creative voice, it is the author’s beliefs that raucously run through the whole structure.

Two Thousand Seasons

The validity of a traditional African worldview is again asserted as Armah contrasts the structure of society prior to invasions with the societal transformations that is the result of foreign presence. The position of women in matriarchial structures displells the myth that women are unequal to men,In Afrikan societies as false.

Jan 28, Val marked it as to-read Shelves: This book is the key to liberation of Science and History liberation of math and liberation of mechanical time.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Very important book to help understand the best ways to live your life. It is an epic historical novel, attempting to depict the last “two thousand seasons” of African history in one narrative arc following a Pan-African approach. It is a very broad canvas Armah is painting: Among the white destroyers there was no respect for anything we could say. Instead, the story stands for Africa and its people. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

It is written somewhat poetically. This has always been our land. The book ends, yet the struggle being fought continues, as it will until all African peoples have freedom, power and self determination.