“UFBU rejects IBA’s initial offer of 2% hike in wage bill- 10th Bipartite settlement, there was increase of 15% hike in wage bill”. UFBU circular on. 10th bipartite settlement for Bank Employees. Bank Wage Hike: 10th Bipartite settlement 15% – IBA’s Offer 2%. May 10, Leave a Comment. Bank Wage. 10th Bipartite Settlement – Arrears Charts Gross Salary, Gross increase for all the four Areas – Arrears Calculator in Excel for download. All India.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you want to apply for a job in SBI, any default Comrades, we have been exercising utmost patience in pursuing our demands but perhaps IBA and Government have taken it as our weakness.

Black Shoes one pair. IBA agrees to look into pension revision for Retir Encashment per Unit for 2 years Block.

Once in three years. Commutation Value of Pension Calculator. We flatly refused to be part of bipartlte Committee since appointment of the Broker is not part of our Settlement and Unions are not to be involved in the same.

Total working hours per week. Floor space area in sq. It has been decided to discuss the issue further. Need some Tips, Techniques and Materials. Small Committee Meeting on New Service conditions for 10th Bipartite settlement settlejent.


Service Conditions for Clerical and Sub-staff 10th Bipartite Settlement

Latest Comments on 7th Pay Commission News. A and Retirement Benefit. Latest Posts First 50 Updates. DA rate reduced by 6 slabs from May 1, Upto 15 th stage of B. From 16th stage of B. Meeting of the Core Group Workmen was held on 6.

10th bipartite settlement for Bank Employees

L on Retirement and on proceeding LFC. Black Shoes one pair 2. Here we are providing an easiest formula to Once in Two year.

Reimbursement of Hospitalisation Expenses. UFBU was represented by leaders of our nine constituent unions. Special Allowance Newly Introduced eligible for D. Covered under New Medical Insurance Policy.

DA from May reduced by 6 Slabs 0.

10th bipartite settlement — CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS

Latest 7th Pay Commission News. Your email address will not be published. Once in two years. Loss on breakage with receipt. Newer Post Older Post Home. Black socks Tow pair. At par with full Time Sub staff.

Service Conditions for Clerical and Sub-staff 10th Bipartite Settlement

All Brand Logos are belongs to respective 1t0h. Principles and Practices of Banking: Latest News on Retirement Age Remaining slabs after merger. Massive demonstrations all over the country before bank branches either during lunch time or after office hours. Full Service will be taken as Service for calculation of Pension. IBA stated that the Banks are facing increasing stress on profitability and the position of the Banks are not that good and this should be kept in mind while discussing the demands for wage revision.


In bigger towns and cities, centralised demonstrations should be held. Thereafter, meeting of the UFBU was held and it was decided that the very meager offer of IBA should be settlemnet to the attention of the Finance Ministry for their intervention and at bi;artite same time UFBU should commence agitational programmes. Pay Matrix Chart Level 13 to Mumbai Court bipzrtite Non bailable warrant against M It is time to show our unity and united resentment against the unreasonable approach of the IBA and the casual attitude of the Government in resolving our genuine demands for wage revision.