In this class, however, we are still in the middle of the qualifying races.

Super Sancho makes flying Borussia Dortmund: fantastic volleys recovery – Dortmund is not lit, no ideas, and Augsburg took the opportunity to lower center of gravity and pace of play. The Favre struggling team to create opportunities that do not arise from the break, why not attack the hosts, focusing to close all spaces.

The Dortmund is confusion and 68 ‘still gives a goal all’Augsburg: Hakimi wrong step and launches Ji open field, the South Korean flagship Zagadou and then beats Burki with a soft lob from the left. The Borussia meet again only at 74 ‘, when Götze good fishing Alcacer in the middle, but the pull of Spanish is exceptional intervention of Kobel. 81 ‘Dortmund reopens its game with Alcacer, well served by Götze.

The goal gives the shock to gialloneri that overwhelm Augsburg in their own half, but stick with too much confusion and fail to create real chances. The legs, however, a few weeks began to tremble, to the point that in a month the Dortmund has evaporated a lead of 7 points. Always that Bayern will win tomorrow …

Elmar Bergonzini  @ elmarbergo

August 19, 2016 – RIO DE JANEIRO Tomorrow is the big day of Flavia Tartaglini going racing for the Medal Race with pocketed the top of the ranking of sailboards (RSX). The ranking has changed in the night after last night the Spanish Marina Alabau Neira was protested dall’israeliana Maayan Davidovich in the race number 10 and thus disqualified.

We then sixth at 61 points, but due to the disqualification Tartaglini back before with the same points of Elefutina 55 to 60 there are Chen (China), Picon (France) and precisely Davidovich (Israel) to the 61 Alabau. This gives a small advantage to the Roman sailor to his first Olympics. “A great athlete who has his big chance, I’m very proud and happy with the way he raced,” explains the theoretical value blue, Michele Marchesini.

Forecasts are light winds and then classic “pumping ones”, a technique implemented by surfers moving sailing. A condition that should not damage our representative who sees the dream of a life away only one race, the one with the top 10 of the rankings contained within a handful of points in the test where the score is doubled. Tomorrow it will be too Mattia Camboni (RSX men), the youngest of the fleet that with the victory of the day went into the Medal Race with the eighth position.

Do not run for the podium (gold and silver are already certain), but its Olympics in some way has already won. Conti Clapchi in the bay of Rio NACRA 17 – Who has to work is still the couple Vittorio Bissaro and Silvia Sicouri in Nacra 17 after two 13 and a 6 (in the opening day trial) are now seventh in the standings, they lose four positions, but they are not far away from the podium 57 points against the 49 of the second and third.

At the head of the Australian pair Jason Waterhouse-Lisa Darmanin. Also here are three other screening tests before the Medal Race. “Sailing is so, we know. We had a difficult day, as has happened to others.

Ce we keep it and try to improve in the next races, “said Bissaro. 49er FX – difficult day for Conti and Clapcich in the new class 49er FX. The blue already last year champions of the world and Europe are now fifth after four races today.

A 12 points from the podium (19 points against the 31 of Conti-Clapcich) after 4 heavy tests: 7-6-10-8. Conforta the comeback made from the blue in this test for three-quarters of the regatta it was around the 13th position before the raise. In this class, however, we are still in the middle of the qualifying races. From our correspondent Gian Luca Pasini  @ GianLucaPasini

March 16, 2019 – turin For Bologna coup in Turin. Ansa The stop on the Eurostar announced Torino was that forced the break for national, instead the band slows Mazzarri ahead of schedule, and is a stop that hurts: the bang in the Taurus den puts scored a great Bologna with a 3-2 shimmering sparks of salvation and gives the great former Sinisa Mihajlovic evening the perfect revenge after the grenade exemption of January 2018: the red and blue points with Serbia on the bench go up to 10 in 8 games and waiting for the answer Empoli tomorrow in direct confrontation with Frosinone, Palacio and company lead the fourth-last place with 24 points.

The strip of results of Toro unbeaten stops instead of 7 races, the fort falls Olimpico unbeaten after three months: the last defeat dates back to the derby in mid-December, the last home match with 3 goals conceded even to September (1-3 with Napoli at the 5th day), Mazzarri will have to reflect on this slip. It could be the night lock to the Roma in fifth place, but – excluding some episodes do not sanctioned by the referee and Var – what tonight was a step back.

Turnaround BOLOGNA – It takes six minutes to grenade to move forward: on the development of a corner beaten by Baselli, right from the edge of Ansaldi is deflected by Pulgar and Skorupski hoax. And from the opening whistle and del Toro it had happened benefit of all, with a goal annulled for Palacio Lyanco offside and a wasted opportunity by Belotti in tap-in after a great response from Emilia goalkeeper Meité.

It is the script for the first time, where the mazzarriano 3-5-2 – with Ansaldi and Aina reversed hand lanes than usual – and the 4-2-3-1 Mihajlovic seem to fit together perfectly to give opportunities on the one hand and the other: the club of scoring is also enrolled Ursu (8 ‘, Sirigu there) then it materializes the turnaround of Bologna. At 29 ‘Poli, which came 1xbet bonus seven minutes before the bench Dzemaili, signs the burning of head Ansaldi on Palacio cross; 35 ‘rossoblù themselves ahead 2-1 thanks to a penalty of Pulgar, assigned by Mariani thanks to Var catching a foul hands of Meité of an Emilia corner.

The field in slow motion glosses instead of two interventions very doubts about Belotti and Zaza in rossoblù area: double thrust not punished in both cases. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV TRIS ROSSOBLU ‘- The Var is also the scene in the second half, when a very accurate control to monitor cancels the Rossoblu 3-1 of Samson for a shoulder offside (just before Skorupski had saved his flying bomb dropped on the distance from Rincon).

Mazzarri put Iago Baselli and passes to 3-4-3, but receives the blow of the k.o. At 64 ‘Soriano Rincon steals the ball in the middle – other intervention to the limit – and triggers Palacio, serving Ursu The left burns Sirigu and stun grenade. WM tries them all, throwing into the fray also Berenguer and Lukic and tacking on the 4-4-2, but Skorupski still closes the door to the grenade attempts (see deviation of Belotti 70 ‘).

In general, the whole team fielded by Mihajlovic reduce grenade maneuvering space to a minimum, taking in hand the keys of the superiority in median lengthy tendering slices. Things get complicated after the expulsion of Lyanco 88 ‘(double yellow): on punishment following Izzo – with the complicity of Skorupski – rekindled the enthusiasm of the Grande Torino filled, then the red to Aina rebalances the structure and start a recovery of 10 against 10 that allows the Bologna to bring home three golden points. From our network: Mazzarri: “Match haunted. Palacio looked like Maradona …” Ansaldi: “Difficult to explain what happened,” Mihajlovic: “We deserve salvation” Palacio: “Now do not give up!” From our correspondent Marco Fallisi

January 29, 2019 – Milan penalty shot against Mariano Di Padova. Lapresse The B-Series is entering the crucial moment of the season, as well as the Red Bull B-Best. The contest realized by La Gazzetta dello Sport and Red Bull are 5 categories of credit for each day played in Serie B: Carisma, Heart, Energy, Genius and Extra-Time are the categories that represent those who distinguished himself in the cadet championship. E ‘can vote for their favorite on the website dedicated to the contest.

Those who receive the most votes will be the winner of the day. CHARISMA – Large demonstration of Cristian Agnelli leadership, captain of Foggia: after the public during the match lost 0-2 at Zacharias against Crotone, had caught the companion Boldor (author of a backpass wrong), I was heartened by Agnelli a pat on the shoulder. HEART – The Cremonese beats Palermo 2-0 and opens the crisis rosanero: thanks also to the Newfoundland slipped on Puscas 39 ‘of the second half.

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